Using A Limo Service In Chicago To Go In A Food Tour

Have you been wondering about using a Chicago limo service, but you do not want to use it for the conventional reasons. What would be some of the conventional reasons? Well we would have going to a lot of bars or maybe heading to some sort of special social event. Maybe your goal is to get a more unique experience out of using a limo or renting a party bus. Well have you ever considered using them to take a food tour of your city? Using them for this purpose can be a lot of fun and it can be a great way for you to sample some of Chicago’s finest cuisine.

How would you go about using a party bus or a limo to go on a food tour? Well the first thing you would do  is map out some of the places you wanted to go eat. These would not be places that were terribly expensive. These would be places that served a lot of good old fashioned Chicago style food. Plus there are a lot of food trucks in the area that serve some pretty good food as well. You can decide to sample some of these foods by means of using a limo service or party bus.

Of course in order for you to really enjoy a food tour in a limousine or a cheap party bus you would have to make sure you had enough time. So for this you would need to have a good idea of how long you were going to rent the party bus or limo. Chances are you would need it a lot longer than you think. The reason this is important for you to understand is because you want to get the best price you can. Some limo services in Chicago are going to offer you a deal depending on how long you need them for. You would just need to make sure you ask about bus in chicago with elite

If going on a food tour is not your thing, then how about simply using it to go to your favorite restaurant period? If you do things this way you would be able to pick the best spot where you know pulling up in a limo or party bus is going to draw attention. You would have an idea of how much the food cost already and you would be able to prepare better. Getting together a group of friends to go to one restaurant is easy to do. You would just need to make sure you called the restaurant in advance so that they knew you were coming with a group of people.

There is not going to be a need for you to drink in the restaurants or places you would go. This should save you money on that front. The party bus or limo you would rent would have a mini fridge stocked with wine, beer, champagne or whatever you might like. The fact is, you going on a food tour of your city or going to your favorite restaurant with a group of friends in a party bus or limo is going to provide a unique experience. If you have never tried it before you do not know what you are missing out on.

Consider asking the Chicago party bus or limo company for ideas of places you can go for ethnic food. Usually they will be able to help you because their drivers know the city very well and they make it a point to be of service every chance they get.


Chicago Corporate Limo For Your Business Trips

elite_chicago_limousine04Do you remember those luxury stretch limos and private cars parked at the exit of O’Hare international airport? Imagine having one of them rented for your clients to bring them from the airport to your office. As they step out of the terminal, the driver will greet them and will help them with luggage. From now on the trip will only get better and better. Your clients will have a good impression if you use limousine Chicago services to pick them up.

Elite Chicago Limo offers several options for youf business trips:Luxury sedans for up to 3 passengers, Elegant SUVs up to 6 people; 8 or 10 passenger Lincoln Super Stretch limousines. If you need a bigger vehicle choose form our limo rentals Chicago fleet: Hummer H2, Limo Buses, Stretch SUVs and more.

Being punctual is very important to us. We understand that no body likes to wait and promise to be on time. even if the flight arrives early we will have a back up car for your trip.

Our drivers are trained professionals that have good manners and are skilled drivers. They know Chicago area well and will take the best routes around the city. They will also assist your clients with luggage and will greet them with a sign if necesarry.

Make the best impression with Elite Chicago Limo – cheap limo Chicago provider.

Cheap Chicago Limo

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Hello Windy City!

elite_chicago_limo15Have you ever seen a breathtaking long limo riding in downtown Chicago? Have you ever wondered who’s enjoying the ride behind those shiny tinted windows? We all dream of such luxury one day. Whether it is a wedding, anniversary or a prom we would gladly hot into an elegant limo and let ourselves feel like a rock star at least for one day. It does not take a fortune to ride elegantly, cheap limo Chicago is ready to prove it!

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